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Writing Update 29th November 2020 – Goals and Motivation

Weekly writing update, I take a moment to look at my progress and offer some advice to start you on your own writing journey

Looking at My Progress

So, it is getting towards the end of November. What have I achieved since starting writing at the start of August? Well that is an interesting question and I think that I can sum it up in the best and easiest way as follows. In bullet points:

  • The novel – 60,000 words in (now that I am really pleased with)
  • Began a blog, now put onto its own dedicated website
  • Began a YouTube channel
  • *Gulp* even plunged into social media
  • Have collaborated with others
  • Submitted a story to an online magazine

Okay busy really… I will be brutally honest with you all, I do want to build the idea of community for all readers and writers. I think that is still someway off but slowly slowly catchy monkey and all that. What has changed in myself? How did I go from wanting to write to putting words on a page? Simple it was the easy task of telling myself I should do it and… well… I did.

Okay some planning might become necessary over time…

Getting on With it

Before I clap myself too hard on the back this process took some fifteen years, so, I suppose I got there in the end. Now how have I carried on doing this on for a few months? I normally have the enthusiasm of a psychotic toddler chasing a dog for the first few weeks then get bored and move on. Somehow, I have kept on with this project and I think I know how. (Do not worry I will dispense with the bullet pointed list this time and use standard prose). I am enthralled by how the characters keep evolving in the story. It is like they are alive and speak to me (not in an odd way I hope); the short weekly fiction means I can mix up the style and story lines and try something new; I also like to have a thread between everything I am writing and it is fun to think that in some way all the things I create exist within the same potential universe.

You may have to turn off your phone, YouTube and yes even Twitter. Stop the scrolling and begin the scribbling.

So, if you want to get started, do just that. Start! Honestly just putting words on paper daily helps. I currently am awash in notebooks and pens. As a rule, I try to write something daily even if it is only a brief sketch or outline of an idea, just something so I actually write. I will not say set aside a specific time each day and write (at least in my case) this does not work. Just see if you have some free time and then write.

Oh, and writing does not mean being at a desk, or whatever you have access to, and being there for a random amount of time. You may have to turn off your phone, YouTube and yes even Twitter. Stop the scrolling and begin the scribbling.

Also, your writing is good, you have talent, you can do it. It might need editing, but just get your stuff out there.

I look forward to reading what you have written, leave a comment below with your links etc.

As ever,

Warm Regards,

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