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When Life Gives You Lemons: Writing Update 24th January 2021

Writing update, this week, not a lot happened wiriting wise. Do you know what? That is okay.

I did that thing about wellbeing

Just to put all this week into context. It was focussed on things other than my writing. I started a new job in January and that has required a lot of my time over the previous seven days. I had started to feel a little overwhelmed with my production schedule. To complete a short story every week, a narration of said story and completing more of the novel. This all was too much and I needed a break from it.

Slavish devotion to screen and keyboard do not a happy Magpie make.

The benefits have been quite remarkable. I dropped off social media, did not look at a screen (outside of work) and took the time to refocus. Oh, do not get me wrong I have been scribbling down some ideas but they are just that, scribbled down. Longhand on bits of paper. The whole process was quite liberating if I am entirely candid with you. Slavish devotion to screen and keyboard do not a happy Magpie make. Taking this time to rekindle my love of reading and spend time on some other bits and pieces has let my brain reset. I feel, honestly I feel revitalised.

Hopefully THIS WILL now be something I do on a more regular basis. Ensure that I take time out every now and again to really give myself time to decompress, to give me time to think about how to unwind and ensure that I hit my planning goals (see below).

Apologies that I have no real writing updates but I have some life updates and goals.

  1. Spend quality time with family
  2. Read in the bath more
  3. Take time away from social media (no notifications on my phone)
  4. Have goals in mind and action them earlier on in the week
  5. Revisit why I do things – the what I do is not important, it is the why (thanks to a TED Talk from Simon Sinek about that) How great leaders inspire action – Simon Sinek – YouTube

That is (and I know it’s short) for this week.

As ever.

Warm Regards,

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An English teacher by trade, an author at heart, it only took a global pandemic for me to start writing my first novel. Along the way, I found a love for creating shorter fiction which I share on this site along with some updates and (hopefully) useful writing tips.

I hope you have a... pleasant time reading.

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