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Update: A Little Slice of Time

Right so week 2, things are starting to look up and the ball is most definitely rolling!

Update 23rd August 2020

So, it has been under a week since creating this blog and I am determined to keep on a schedule. I have managed to do some work on the novel  but realise I need to settle down and make time to actually get stuck into it. So far it has been the odd minute here and there, not really giving myself time to work properly. 

On the plus side, I realised that I did not need all the bits and pieces I kept saying I would need to begin writing. I managed to complete this week’s short piece of fiction using a scrap bit of paper and Word on my mobile. I am secretly a bit chuffed with that. 

What was really nerve-wracking this week? Well to put it simply it was that I put out something I produced into the world and people may potentially see it. It is one thing to say I am writing X or Y, something completely different to actually let others read it. Feedback from friends and family has been encouraging. Let’s see how it goes.

Plan for the upcoming week, wake up early, and do some bloody writing before the day begins with its usual things that get in the way. Work, eating, sleeping life in general. I must carve a slice of time specifically for writing, I will set a goal of having a completed chapter this week, finished and edited. I will also have a general plot lined out and at least the protagonist worked out.

I don’t know about the rest of you but if I have an unlimited amount of time it is not possible for me to actually achieve anything productive. Things become nebulous and there is no target in sight. Hence why I am trying to complete at least one short piece of writing a week on this platform.

Time waits for no one

So at least an hour every day will be focused on planning or writing. 
Additionally, I am somewhat, let’s call it social media… silent. I do not use anything more than WhatsApp. Not through lack of knowledge but more

I am secretly a bit chuffed with that

through things like being bored of people revealing what they had for breakfast or cryptic messages about something, I am not really interested in. Anyway, I will try to set up some kind of profile on one or two platforms and see if I can make it so I can get views on this blog up to double digits!

Lofty pursuits I know!

Right, that’s it for now. See you in about a week.

Let’s see how we go. 

PS I need to work on a better sign off for posts like this.

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