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The first writing update from my new website. See how things are going this week (spoilers the novel is coming along really well!)

Writing Update 22nd November 2020

A new website

So, right, so… well I suppose that I had better explain. I am really taking this whole writing thing a bit more seriously. Obviously, I took the natural next step in developing some kind of name for myself. Okay, this is purely now narcissistic. Maybe not narcissistic but I saw I could buy a website for a year for a pound so, I did. Sadly, in my naivety I did not realise that I had to then buy the actual software to put on the site. (Please do not mock my only foray into web design at this point has been Blogger.) So, this site will follow some basic guiding principles:

  1. Migrate all my other posts from the original blogger site
  2. Create good quality content on a regular basis
  3. Build a community of readers and writers
  4. How to (more on this later)

Okay, at least for the year, let us see how all this goes. Even though I am a little bit excited, I still need to work out how to use Google Analytics… (oh and about fifteen other things as well but there we are).

The Novel

#Nonowromi #Nannonnaw #NaNoWriMo (got there in the end) has been one of the more interesting things that I have come across. Essentially, a person commits to write 50,000 words of a novel in November ( With writing the blog, a short story a week, working and having a small child, I have aimed to write a thousand words a day and, so far, I have manged to do that.

Having this small achievable goal each day has been phenomenal regarding writing. It also makes you have to write something down rather than um and er over the whole process. (Having a short plan that I sketch out for that section of text has definitely been the way forward) What I find astounding is that I have now added 22,000 words to my manuscript. I shall certainly keep trying to commit to this many words a day going beyond November and, if nothing else, as a way of keeping myself honest.

I look at my initial plan in the ‘Notebook of Destiny’ and the plot has developed into something that is completely different.

My novel is going quite well, at least I think so. The process is fascinating, I look at my initial plan in the ‘Notebook of Destiny’ and the plot has developed into something that is completely different. The characters almost appear to be inhabiting their own realities and are beginning to guide me through the process (a bit meta I know). Also, without realising it till last week, I can see there are links woven into my short stories and the novel. It makes me smile to think I have started universe building. I will have to write these down so I can remember them in future.

And the Rest

I have also found a real sense of community on Social Media. I have, for many years, been absolutely against the idea of innocuous and stupid people looking at phones and living virtual lives with virtual friends. I am not too proud to admit I was wrong. Using Social Media productively has been nothing short of enlightening. I now know that reaching out to others who have interests similar to me and asking for help have been met with nothing but positivity and mutual respect. I have even reached out to others about collaboration. And, they said yes! This is going to, hopefully, be something that can led into further future endeavours. More on this over the coming weeks.

Going back to the bullet points earlier. I want to produce more how to write. I realise this is incredibly presumptuous, who am I to dole out advice? Well I am going to put down some ideas on how I write, the writing process as it applies to me and hopefully this will help out one or two people along the way who might be struggling.

I believe that is all for this week.

As ever,

Warm Regards,

Magpie Stories.

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An English teacher by trade, an author at heart, it only took a global pandemic for me to start writing my first novel. Along the way, I found a love for creating shorter fiction which I share on this site along with some updates and (hopefully) useful writing tips.

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