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The Big Idea – charting a novel journey

Today is the day, the day the plan for writing a novel and creating a blog takes shape. Let’s hope I can stick to it!

Putting pen to paper:

Writing is something that I have been interested in for a long time. Over the previous two decades, I have often thought I would like to be a writer. There have, however, been two main problems: self-delusion and lack of effort. I have gone through periods of writing that have never lasted. Things have gotten in the way. This is, not strictly speaking true. Many are the times I have used an excuse not to even put pen to paper or finger to keyboard. I think, over the years, the best one is either ‘I have loads of time in the future’ or ‘I cannot do this.’ So, being of a rational mind I have decided to let the internet keep me on the straight and narrow. I plan to provide weekly updates on how the novel is progressing and post a piece of writing that is 500+ words. 

Many are the times I have used an excuse not to even put pen to paper or finger to keyboard.

Now I know that having a schedule is probably a good thing so I will commit to posting my updates every Sunday at 10.00pm (GMT). The 500+ piece of writing will also go live at the same time. Though it will be in a separate post. I realise for the three people that every see that (and that is a 300 % increase in those I expect to ever read this) this will keep me honest and hopefully writing.

If only my desk looked like this!

The Target:

To have a completed manuscript completed by this time next year – so shall we say 19th August 2021? I think we shall. This is not necessarily for publication, but more for going through a creative process. I would like to thank in advance the countless people who will support me in the future (by countless I mean the poor sod who reads this because they put in the wrong blogger name into Google. Sorry, let’s call you Dave.)

Really that is it for now. I think short and sweet. Oh, and as a bonus, I am going to upload the first piece of writing that I actually thought was decent. It was nothing I have shown anyone before. Hopefully, the internet will do what it is best at. being supportive and giving succinct constructive criticism. 

For now,
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An English teacher by trade, an author at heart, it only took a global pandemic for me to start writing my first novel. Along the way, I found a love for creating shorter fiction which I share on this site along with some updates and (hopefully) useful writing tips.

I hope you have a... pleasant time reading.

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