Short Stories Writing Challenges

The Dark Heart of the Forest

In this 45 minute writing challenge I had one goal. Find a random image online, have 45 minutes to write it and then see what happened. (Oh I did have five minutes to edit). By the way those of you who enjoy all things arboreal, you might want to consider being careful in the woods, especially at night.

Writing How To

Top Tips on Writing Horror

Do you want to know how to write horror? These tips might be the ones for you.

Short Stories

The Undead Amongst Us?

Joe just cannot catch a break, caught up in his own world. In this short horror tale, Joe will soon realise his own world is about to be shaken.

From the Archive Short Stories Top Five Posts

Into the Breach

An officer realises what the true horrors of the trenches can be. His last moments one that will ring out for all time. Evil is real, it just does not care.