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No Absolution – Path to Corruption Part 3 of 3

The final part to the Path to Corruption Trilogy. It seems our narrators past has found a way to catch up to him.

Short Stories

Under The Covers

Chloe loves writing, she loves stories. She is excited for the first time in English, Mr Murphy is giving them a story to write. If only he did not ask them to write that story.

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Soul Mate

Rachel has lost it all, her life her lover. A chance encounter with Michael’s soul will surely guide her into a new and happy life. Surely…

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Trying to Broaden Horizons

Short one, I created a Youtube Channel containing narration and writing tips. Have a look and check it out!

From the Archive Short Stories Top Five Posts

Once Upon A Time

A dark fairytale adapted from a Latvian story. Try not to go down to the woods today you are definitely in for a surprise.