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Back to Work and Writing – Update Week 3

Week 4 in my journey to write a novel. This will chart my journey to become (hopefully) published. How to find names for characters.

This has been an interesting one for me. Back in the physical workplace, so what is an aspiring author supposed to do? Especially one who cannot time manage for love nor money nor any other specific thing that comes to mind. Simple, keep focussed and plan my time (more importantly what I want to achieve within that time). This seems to have worked, for the most part. I have realised that if I focus on what I need to get done and give myself a time limit over the saying “at some point in the nebulous future,” it is far more likely to get done.

Additionally, and this one is important, was for me to start writing stuff down. Getting the ideas on paper (and on screen) was crucial. I tried not to overthink it and let the words flow. This seemed a lot more productive that just sitting there agonising over every single word and speck of bloody punctuation. Oh, and there is something that is equally important, I find that if I have made silly mistakes I can edit and correct them a lot more effectively when:

1.       I put at least a few hours between writing and then editing


3.       Use Microsoft Words read aloud feature. This one is fantastic, hearing your work in another voice (albeit one without emotion) is more than helpful

This week, I was also hit by the dreaded writers block. So, on reflection this was not just one glorious week of balancing writing, work and family. I found that I could not get further with the novel, all my plans did not go the way I wanted, I was not happy with certain parts of it. Then, it hit me. I can change a plan, it has not descended from heaven on Golden Tablets never to be changed. So, that is just what I did. I moved things around a bit. I introduced a new character, who now has taken on the role of the main protagonist and I am very happy with it.

I realise that what I write and how I want my ideas to be transmitted does not always hit the mark.

I have kept the previous draft, just in case, but this new revelation of flexibility has changed the game for me a bit. What has also been nice is that, now one or two friends have read the short stories that I have put on this blog, they have given me ideas for other stories, as well as some criticism on how my writing could be improved. Though hard to hear this is invaluable. I realise that what I write and how I want my ideas to be transmitted does not always hit the mark.

That’s it for this week.


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