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A Week Older, None the Wiser

Week 3 of my writing update, focussing on stayng determined!

Update Week 3

 PS so focussed on the writing no silly picture this week!

So, what has been happening this week I hear you cry, say, mumble (okay I have stretched that point enough I think). I have managed to get the completed storyline completed, ironically using the plan that I suggest to my students when doing creative writing tasks, I guess if it works for those aged 11-16 it can work on those who are a… teeny bit older. The main plot points are sorted, I have a host of key characters and am going to allow myself some space for freedom and almost separate story chapters, if that makes sense.

I did alter the main protagonist a little. I realised that he was far too depressing and the only thing people would have wanted for him was to never see him again. He seemed to suck all the fun out of a situation and bloody hell he was morose. I never want to come across him again, so new key lead sorted, and I think he still needs a little fashioning, I still haven’t completely worked out every nuance but, I am getting there.

Future me, please note that says DEDICATED WRITING TIME not pratting around time pretending you are working.

I have also worked out a way of naming characters that seems more believable, before this week they were X and Y or some bloody ridiculous name that linked to a character trait. By the way that is fine, but it was becoming a bit twee in this story. I am happy with it, if people ask, I will tell you what I used.

Somehow, I managed to get a real stint done – planning a major overview then pairing that down for each chapter has been a God send. I cannot remember where I heard this, but it has completely changed the way I write and the productivity I have. I glanced down at the word count the other day and it had shot up by 2000 or more without me realising it. I’ll be honest I have not had the heart to edit it yet, I think that might be more trying than I am going to give it credit for.

 I completed another short piece of fiction (that I should have published shortly before this one) and am reasonably happy with it. I took a twist on incorporating a fairy tale from another country. Letting a few people read it before hand was another revelation. Thank you as ever to my increasingly patient wife! Without her there were one or two (or five) things that did not make sense and would have left a disjointed narrative to say the least.

 So, a productive week – I still have not managed to write everyday but plan to get up a little earlier all this week for that dedicated writing time. Future me, please note that says DEDICATED WRITING TIME not pratting around time pretending you are working. Current me admits that procrastination is still very much something that I am weak and give into far too regularly.

So next week – aim to be up another 5,000 words on the novel, have another short piece of fiction to use. I need to try something a little different… might go a bit more surreal this time who knows? Spend at least an hour a day writing this s**t is non-negotiable.

 Right see you next week!

 Oh, I set up some social media profiles, so tick that off from last week. Links are below if you are interested.

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