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A Time to Relax

A short playscript. Something a little different from Magpie Stories. I hope you have a… pleasant time listening.

It has been a little while, life has gotten in the way of posting but here we are again. I have tried something new. I hope you enjoy it. (For some reason I cannot get the formatting as I would like so forgive the oddness).

List of characters:

Advert – The narrator of a YouTube advert

Jack – Just someone trying to relax in the bath

Narrator – The voice of a guided meditation session

Caution – A warning voice, barely audible


A tap is running, the sound of someone easing themselves into a bath, sharp intake of breath then a deep relaxing sigh

JACK:                     Bloody hell that’s warm, right let’s give this shit a go… erm…

                The sound of tapping

Right, guided meditation, this one looks okay.

ADVERT:             Join millions of players worldwide and download the highest rated multiplayer mobile game ever!

Over talks the tail end of the advert.

JACK:                     For fuck’s sake skip. Right, guided meditation. I’ll give it a go, can’t hurt.

Calming music plays

NARRATOR:        Hello, thank you for taking the time to listen to this guided meditation. To take the first step to reduce stress an anxiety. This practice of meditation will have a permanent change to your state of being, removing all tension, doubt and pressure of life from you.

Water sloshing gently.

NARRATOR:        We are so busy in our lives we forget to be present in the moment, we find the mind cluttered and overthink. We worry about how our decisions could have been different and wonder whatanent Relaxation the future will bring. This mediation will melt away all of the stresses of life, calm your mind into tranquillity of the abyss.

                                You need to turn off all distractions and allow this time for yourself, for this ultimate act of self care. In a world of worries, you must give something of yourself to yourself before you can be at peace.

JACK:                     (Sarcastically) Right love yourself. Got it.

NARRATOR:       Close your eyes and become aware of your breath, count the inhalation and exhale for one count more. Allow this breath out to carry away physical and emotional stress and tension. Allow it to leave your body still and serene.

Sound of slow focussed breathing

NARRATOR:       By exhaling longer your breathing will slow and your body will calm into motionless relaxation. Continue this routine and allow the breath to return to its natural rhythm. This breath is the cable to the present, know that you cannot get back any breath from your past or claim one from the future sooner than it is drawn.

                                Any thoughts you may have are as nothing, imagine them as an observer standing watching in silent contemplation as worries are buried, no longer your concern. Focus your attention on slower breathing, you are going to simplify and slow down your body and its processes.

                                Your body responds to your thoughts, so think about relaxing and ask your body to relieve its tension, your mind is the most powerful tool you have, allow it to relax your muscles, to slow your heart rate.

Drip of tap continues, like a heartbeat.

NARRATOR:       Your breathing cleanses you, takes out all the energy causing your anxiety, your hurt and pain. Relaxing the body even further, each muscle calming, becoming still.

Weak sound of splashing.

NARRATOR:       From the muscles in the forehead and jaw. Relaxing these muscles will allow the rest of your body to slowly slip away into calm. You can feel the pleasant heaviness of relaxation, your body will listen to what the mind tells it. Let the body go and ease the tension, feelings beginning to subside.

                                You can feel the mind detaching itself from the physical sensations of the body. Your mind is beginning to declutter.

                                Now you begin to let your mind reach out and imagine a great glass door. On it patterns of intricate design and text flow and etch, almost alive in the glass.

CAUTION:            Stop, don’t listen!

JACK:                     Fuck me it’s working.

NARRATOR:       You enter the glass walls transforming into a lift. You reach out and touch the button, with a smoothness, the floor lowers and you see through the walls, descending into the rich warm and loamy earth and you feel at peace, calm. You count as you descend, feeling secure and knowing you are away from stress and anxiety.

                                Ten, your stress is melting away


Narrators voice begins to change in pitch and the music distorts

                You are letting go of all your responsibilities, all the worries of life, nothing can bring you back to the old ways of feeling.

Eight, you can feel you are where your journey should have taken you, it is too late now to change.

Seven, you have reached an even deeper level of nothing, you are slipping.

CAUTION:            Open your eyes, you have to open your eyes. Stop listening!

NARRATOR:       Six you are almost totally still, barely even registering a heartbeat, you are leaving behind all the weaknesses of the flesh.

                                Five, you welcome in the unseen, knowing that the unknown is where you need to be.

                                Four, the lift is slowing.



                                One (Whispered and distordted) Yfel wyrgcweðan êow verb cwild mf, âstellan ûðe sê fýlð of dôð stocwîc, êower gâst] mîn

JACK:                     (Weakly) Help.

NARRATOR:        You see the doors of the lift surrounded by the cold ground. You take a final breath and all is still. You will only feel a mild panic as you slip away.

JACK:                     I can’t move

NARRATOR:       You realise the button has, vanished, you can never return. As promised all tension and anxiety has left you permanently.

By magpiestories

An English teacher by trade, an author at heart, it only took a global pandemic for me to start writing my first novel. Along the way, I found a love for creating shorter fiction which I share on this site along with some updates and (hopefully) useful writing tips.

I hope you have a... pleasant time reading.

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